Tanker Driving, alot like Hazmat, requires "Tanker Endorsement". Tanker drivers must know how to properly handle the trailer and usually transport flammable liquids.

Dry Van is the most common trailer that you will encounter on the road. Minimum heavy lifting and responsibility when it comes to the cargo. Dry Vans vary is size. 

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​With National Truck Driver shortage it's a great time to get involved in the transportation industry. Competitive pay, medical benefits and flexibility are all attributes of working as a Truck Driver for the right company. Truck Driver SalarIES can be as little as $35,000 and as much as $250,000+ annually
We are here to educate and give you the breakdown of how to climb the Salary ladder of the Truck Driving game. Click here to VIEW & Compare top companies salaries.

Simply because a company has a name known far and wide does not necessarily make it the highest-paying company or the occupation with the best character. There are many reasons that drivers across the United States choose to ride for companies of all sizes – including fleets that range in size from thousands of to just a handful of trucks. We have complied the top companies in the trucking industry by displaying a wide range of popularity, financial standing, payment offered towards drivers and the overall feeling of success that one may find while working for a particular outlet.

Every trucking company offers its own experience for an individual driver. Depending on the area one is working in, the economical state of the country and available opportunities one is afforded, a driver’s time in the industry and relationship with a company may vary wildly from another working on the road. The same difference in experience may be said about a driver’s salary as well – some companies may offer a more modest pay rate than other companies.

Perhaps the key takeaway from these distinctions in pay is one’s experience working for a particular trucking company. What one company may offer in a hearty annual paycheck it may lack in a professional or comfortable work environment. Conversely, companies offering drivers a more humbled salary may provide drivers with an occupation that leads to personal growth and a top-notch team of reliable management.

Some companies may further boost their worth to their employees by providing a competitive edge in the realm of logistics. A generous salary may be enhanced further with a company culture that allows drivers to use cutting-edge technology and procedures to ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction. Other drivers may grant a company a favorable rating for the exact opposite reason as they appreciate a carrier who has not attempted to change the landscape of an otherwise classic American industry. This divide currently exists in the world of trucking, and affords drivers several options in what atmosphere they wish to belong to.

Of course, salary is an entirely important component of one’s favorability of a position. Just as companies favor transparency of their potential hires, drivers appreciate employers who are transparent about the salary they may receive. It is important for drivers to note, however, that salary is impacted and inflated by a multitude of factors. Experienced drivers in many circumstances will certainly see a higher pay rate than student drivers, while those choosing to operate in otherwise high-stress metropolitan areas may be the recipient of a higher pay rate for what is likely a more difficult run. Pay is also affected by the equipment and freight one is qualified to take. A driver with the know-how to haul sensitive or expensive loads will also likely see a greater amount of money than others, and those who have earned endorsements often open doors to more lucrative opportunities on the road.

In addition to a basic salary, some companies are industry leaders in the various types of bonus pay they may offer drivers for a wide variety of situations on the road. Some larger and more-established companies have provided ancillary rates for drivers who work over a specified amount of miles, or those who are caught in specific situations such as detention time or other similar circumstances. While smaller companies may have the provisions in order to offer bonus pay, it is ultimately a case-by-case basis for trucking companies in the U.S.

A clean driving background and a safe driving record are also incredibly valuable for a prospective hire to present to a trucking company. Many truckers who present safety and diligence on the road will find a greater wealth of opportunities to find a pay rate that compliments their professionalism and capability on the roads.

Drivers will find that the listed pay for a company generally reflects a solo company driver working as the corresponding trucking fleet. A driver’s average salary will fluctuate if they are on a team, an owner-operator, or in a driving position in conjunction with being a trucker manager or driving instructor. As there are often many open positions for solo trucking jobs, the salary figures shown are dedicated to representing a large part of the open job market.

Those perusing companies and company pay should take several factors into consideration when researching companies. It is imperative that one decides the importance they place on pay versus the importance of how a company is operated and how they may treat their drivers. Whatever one prioritizes, it is important to always feel well-regarded and respected for a hard day’s work and to value one’s individual skills on the road.

Student Driving is where it all starts. Though you may not earn a high salary, you are rewarded with something just as valuable: experience. This is where you lay foundation that will shape your future.

"Reefer" or Refrigerated Van trailer is an upgraded version on the Dry Van. Having a refrigerated trailer will allow you to transport frozen foods and things with sensitive expiration date.

Flatbed is a universal trailer that will give you freedom to transport all kinds of freight. It will also allow for over dimensional loads, which pay a step higher than regular freight.

 Truck Driving Salaries in 2017

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Hazmat Driving requires Truck Drivers to get an additional endorsement. You can transport Hazmat material on any type of trailer fit to carry the cargo.