Know your worth

About us is the #1 trucking website, specifically created to give you the real facts about your truck driving career. Not only do we provide you with up to date industry information on current truck driver salaries in the USA, we give you the details and requirements for every type of truck driving job and a comparative salary chart of the today’s top hiring companies.  We also have a comprehensive list of the top rated truck driving schools in every state across the US. Whether you’re a newcomer seeking the best CDL training or an experienced truck driver looking to up your skills – is the go to source for every truck driver who wants to maximize their truck driver salary.

Information is power and arms you with the right information to make the best possible choices for your truck driving career. Unlike many websites today, who often have a vested interest in recruiting truck drivers to specific hiring companies, is here to empower the trucking community by dispelling the disillusions about the industry and simply providing the facts.

For instance, did you know there are many affiliated companies and training schools that set up their student drivers for failure - because driver turnover is really how they make their money?

Did you know that many of the companies out there advertising some of the highest truck driver salaries for “independent contractors” - are often making false promises to maximize their own profits by getting around employee labor costs, industry regulations and legal liabilities?

It is these types of scams that disillusion people about trucking and often result in disgruntled drivers giving the entire industry a bad rap. The truth is that truck driving can be a very rewarding career with the potential to earn a higher than average income with far less education and training than comparative salaries in most other fields. Truck driving is also one of today’s few remaining professions that continues to offer an abundance of job opportunities, long term financial stability, employment benefits and many different ways to self-direct your career up the reigns and increasing your earning potential.

The other truth about truck driving is that it’s more than just a job, it’s a lifestyle and it isn’t suited for everyone. Truck driving isn’t a one-job-fits-all kind of profession either and there are many different types of trucking jobs to suit the different skills and preferences of different individuals. is here to give you lay of the land and let you determine what works best for you.

Behind stands a team of experienced industry professionals who know the reality of today’s truck drivers.  We aren’t claiming to put you on the fast track to earning six figure salaries or give you the magic formula to success – because neither really exist in trucking or in any other industry for that matter. The road to success for anyone, is making the right choices based on your own personal needs and interests. Making the right choices also requires having the right information and that is what makes the #1 on-line source for steering your trucking career in the right direction.