A family-oriented company, Andrus Transportation ensures that drivers see accountable and regular home time. Generally, drivers are out 7-10 days and see nearly 1.5 days home on average. In addition to fabulous home time offered by the company, Andrus drivers will see an average salary of $49, 971 annually. Andrus has recently introduced new pay packages that credit drivers who have previous experience on the road and reward those who are incoming Andrus employees that have proven longevity with another carrier. With six paid holidays and a quarterly bonus offered at $0.01 per mile after a year's employment, Andrus has multiple ways to show drivers appreciation who have demonstrated dedication.

Benefits for Andrus drivers don't simply stop at incentives offered for long-time drivers – the company ensures that drivers are paid for nearly any occasion. With bonuses for extra mileage, operating with fuel efficiency and idling, Andrus gives their operators the same level of recognition and pay for their work that one might expect at other prestigious national carriers. Andrus promises drivers the benefits and pay that one would receive at a national job for regional-level work. With Andrus, quality of life is met with a company respect for a driver's well-being.

Andrus Trucking salary

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Andrus crusing down CA's central coast
Seeing headquarters out of Salt Lake City, Utah, Andrus Transportation sees leadership heavily involved in the Church of Latter Day Saints as well as the surrounding area of Mesquite, Nevada. Operating in areas that are replete with many natural resources, Andrus has grown exponentially past a single truck mom and pop business. Today, Andrus offers drivers in the Western States many flatbed and dry van opportunities for businesses in local regions and across the state.