Know your worth
Claiming 23 terminals, 800 trucks and over 1,200 trailers, A&R Logistics is one of the most extensive trucking companies in the United States. Positioning itself as the number one dry-bulk carrier in the plastics industry, A&R Logistics has cultivated a team of elite drivers who work hard to serve firms who work in the chemical and plastic industries. A&R has propelled itself to the top of the industry through investing in technology to maintain efficiency as well as investing within its fleets to provide for its diligent drivers and ensure they are well-equipped to continue carrying out the name of excellence that is A&R Logistics.

A&R Logistics salary

Company drivers are often exuberant in reporting a salary of $65,000, on average, at A&R Logistics. Considering that A&R places a large emphasis on meeting company-established goals such as safety policies and environmental policies, it is imperative that drivers consistently fulfill these standards to see their maximum potential salary. A&R sees an added level of social and environmental liability due to its involvement with chemical and plastics products, encouraging drivers to indefinitely act with a higher level of consciousness on the road.

For the driver that operates with the company standards squarely in mind, scheduled raises are frequently provided, ensuring that hard work does not go unnoticed. A&R promotes salaries that are in the 10% of the trucking industry, with ancillary pay for situations such as interplant pay, cancellation pay, and pay for delay, layover and any breakdowns that occur. Keeping the environment in mind will take a driver a long way at A&R Trucking, and drives who take their wallets along with them will also see the same advancement.