Know your worth
When one has a driving career with Averitt, one is in a position that will make them feel as though they are truly at home. A company that emphasizes frequent and practical home time as well as the ability to adventure on the road, for those who call the cab their home. Whatever the case may be, Averitt has designed flexible careers for many different types of lifestyles. With Averitt it’s not necessarily about prestige in numbers or figures – though, they do quite well – there is more concern placed on how individuals thrive in the company.
Averitt truck in lot

Averitt Express salary

Averitt’s annual average salary is estimated at $51, 912. With Averitt’s salary comes the feeling of a belonging to a family rather than simply belonging within the entity of a company. Operating in 21 states, Averitt has an extensive network of stations and locations throughout their areas of business, giving drivers some peace of mind when they need to refuel or take a stop along the way. Averitt provides preparedness for their drivers and finds that when drivers feel secure in their operations, the entire job goes much more smoothly.

Averitt is also a big proponent of uniformity on the job, both literally and figuratively speaking. Averitt drivers proudly sport their red uniforms and maintain a professional appearance, assuring clients and others on the road of the polished and expert job that Averitt is conducting in all aspects of their business. Averitt associates will find that working with the company is to show your overt care and commitment to jobs on the road, and to be rewarded with excellent care for doing so.