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Central Transport salary

Drivers who team up with Central Transport generally see an average annual salary of $52,354. Central Transport is known throughout the industry as a carrier that has invested a great deal of money in equipment to safely and efficiently transport freight. Its investments in these practices has garnered Central Transport the title of "Carrier of the Year" from logistics and safety experts for three years consecutively. Weekly pay and excellent incentives such as medical insurance help drivers instill the concepts of safety and determination in their everyday work.

Central Transport is also known for partnering with logistics companies that provide a streamlined process of delivery to the end client. Through that, Central's service to 45 states in the lower 48 of the United States is unparalleled to many others. Furthermore, with so many opportunities at Central Transport, advancement for drivers is always a possibility – with pay structures and financial avenues to follow.

Know your worth
Central Transport wants to find drivers that are ready to driver for a leader – namely, a leader of the trucking community. Central Transport has built a reputation in the driving community around satisfying the needs of customers and a wide spectrum of clients rather than bolstering their practices with new technology. Quality of delivery is overemphasized rather than the technological efficacy of the company, hearkening back to the golden era of trucking. Central Transport replicates the glory days of trucking even further through offering drivers a salary to keep them rolling and profitable.