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Costco Wholesale salary

Costco Truck with many items inside
A company notorious for high-paying salaries as well as a bevy of benefits for full-time employees, CDL-A drivers with Costco will likely see a salary of $62, 507 per year. Certainly representing the higher end of the spectrum for driving salaries, Costco primarily offers the job of truck driver to residents on the West Coast and East Coast, with opportunities in states such as CA, AZ ,UT, FL, NJ, among others. This, however, does not stop drivers from the potential to serve Costco hubs around the world and deliver to states in the U.S. wherever a Costco location may be.

For drivers with Costco, an additional $0.02 per mile is tacked on to the salary for performance bonuses in addition to mileage pay and accessorial pay. Career advancement is nearly always an opportunity for drivers, as Costco has maintained a long-standing reputation of affording its employees the ability to become something more than simply career drivers. Costco has surrounded the innerworkings of its company in a culture that is driven by collaboration as much as it is driven by a strong company vision.

Generally thought of as an employer for individuals who give away samples or help customers find wholesale shopping solutions, Costco Wholesale frequently needs drivers to help operations move along smoothly and ensure the warehouse is well-stocked. Delivering nearly anything one can think of from freshly cut flowers to home entertainment to pet supplies, Costco relies on its drivers to supply its customers with the goods they need for their business or their everyday life.