Know your worth
Covenant Transport is a carrier that frequently expresses its wishes for drivers to work for them, offering tuition bonuses and opportunities for students to effectively get their foot in the door with an established trucking program. Offering an unprecedented $15,000 trucking bonus, students with Covenant see $125/month for 60 months and lump sum on top of that once they have completed five years with the company. Drivers with Covenant generally make more per their first year on the road than other beginning drivers.
Covenant promises its drivers a minimum weekly payout of $1000, a home-time guarantee of $100 per day and grants team drivers in the range of $0.52 - $0.56 per mile. In regards to a yearly figure, many Covenant drivers claim an annual average salary of $40,427. For those interested in a career path regarding training drivers, the pay rate from Covenant increases to $0.72 to $0.80 per mile.

Covenant also promotes multiple in-company programs regarding the categories of fleets that drivers can join. One such fleet that has achieved popularity in recent times is Covenant's MPACT/Freedom fleet, a fleet dedicated to staffing U.S. Veterans behind the wheel. Promising U.S. Veterans full earnings to match other civilian fleets, Covenant is also a certified VA training center. Covenant is also an equal opportunity employer, with nearly 15% of the professional driving population comprised of women. No matter whether one qualifies as a student, Veteran, or woman on the road, Covenant has the position available for a driver with a pay package to match.

Covenant truck on the way to a client

Covenant TrANSPORT salary