Know your worth
CR England is the largest temperature-controlled carrier in the world and is one that has gained notoriety through its long history on the road in addition to a legacy of family-owned enterprise that has withstood generations of changes within the transportation industry. In many ways, CR England is a testament to staying power within any American industry, proving that success is possible through diligent management and unparalleled service.
Noted for hiring virtually any level of driver with a clean background preceding them, CR England has created an environment for less experienced drivers to grow and gain valuable experience in addition to a company that allows veteran truckers to feel a sense of security working with an established company.

For drivers who sign on with CR England, they will find an average salary of $36, 191 annually. With this salary comes the promised benefit of new technology and fleets as well as core values of maintaining integrity, excellence, safety, and unparalleled service to its drivers. As CR England is a company nearing 100 years of age, it shows that values of a simpler time are still present despite having emerged a top competitor in an increasingly digital age.

Drivers with CR England will also be able to apply for Dedicated, Regional, Intermodal, and National Routes, all of which provide drivers the opportunity to hone excellent customer relations skills and to get paid to see parts of our country (and in some cases, continent) in a way they may have never have the chance to do so before. CR England still has the pioneer spirit many years later, providing those who wish for it the chance to better themselves on the open road.

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