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FedEx Truck On Road
With more than 4,500 trucks, an enormous team roster and new fleets frequently offered to drivers, CRST has leveraged a hearty average salary of $35,761. CRST offers drivers the continued opportunity to work with excellent equipment, and promises an internal support system that responsive, comprehensive and well-cultivated. A family-owned company, CRST also believes in consistent home time, with days varying depending on one's routes.

Drivers with CRST will be servicing clients in the industrial service, retail settings, automotive businesses as well as clients related to fine arts and museums. CRST has an active presence in charitable organizations and community-oriented associations, and served these outlets time again. Those who truck with CRST will be working with a company that has the needs of others at the forefront of its operations and the ability to implement its services in a prosperous and meaningful way.

CRST Expedited ranks high among drivers who enjoy working in a team format and who like the addition of new equipment to the job. Veterans, Students, and less experienced drivers have all found enjoyable careers at CRST and its diverse employees.

With CRST Expedited, drivers are signing on with a company that has established one of the largest team carriers in the nation. CRST prides itself on a strong practice of “traditional” trucking, with roots in the industry going back to 1955. Still, CRST has succeeded keeping up with the industry as it has modernized, investing in state-of-the-art equipment and technology so that its drivers can stay current with the competition.

CRST Expedited salary