Dart Transit's salary

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To retain credibility for over 80 years, Dart has relied upon the satisfaction of its drivers and the word of mouth carried out by highly respected truckers. Dart drivers often see an annual salary of nearly $45,000. Dart is unique in allowing drivers to received settlements whenever they wish, even receiving pay after delivering a load. Dart allows drivers to manage their pay in-cab with modern and sophisticated technology, even allowing drivers to monitor and track the bonus pay they receive for detention pay and layovers. Dart also sees that its drivers are rewarded when passing a DOT inspection with flying colors.

Dart has the long-term profitability of a driver in mind as well, with classes and seminars offered for financial literacy and healthy saving habits. For owner-operators working with Dart, these courses may see particular resonance and helpfulness. No matter one's position at Dart, the title of "DART MVP of the Month" is a coveted role, garnering an operator bragging rights along with $1,000 to add to their latest pay period.

Know your worth
One of the early names in trucking that has allowed its actions to speak for itself for over 80 years, Dart Transit Company has maintained a position as one of the most respected names in the nation. With the resources to accommodate the entirety of the nation and the ability to focus on even the smallest companies and their needs within the realm of commercial shipping. With OTR, regional, short haul, and dedicated routes, Dart has a great deal of options to get drivers the options they need.