Know your worth
Located squarely in America's Heartland, Decker Truck Line has grown exponentially from its humbled roots as a small-scale shipper in 1931. With relationships tied to shipping partners from the early days of the company, Decker sees an unprecedented history of maintaining positive ties within the industry of nearly 80 years. A family operation passed down through generation of Decker, the company's location in the country paired with its familial ties has made Decker a trusted name in trucking.
Truckers with Decker feel the love provided by the family, and as part of the extended Decker family, regularly see an annual salary of $67, 682. Perhaps one of the leading companies in the Heartland in terms of salary offered, Decker finds a low turnover rate within its fleets. Many driver positions find a cents per mile pay that starts near $0.40 as a base. Short haul pay is often offered in many situations, with certain divisions seeing an additional cpm over base for their hard work. Decker also offers drivers additional funds for making deliveries East of the Interstate-81, stop pay, Hazmat pay, trailer washout pay, and pay for nearly any other imaginable situation.

Decker has career opportunities throughout the majority of the United States, with the East Coast as delivery areas rather than hiring areas. Drivers with Decker will also appreciate the numerous Driver Centers around the country, providing a comfortable and relaxing location for drivers to take a break from earning a great salary and finding excellent miles.

Hitting the asphault with Decker

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