Dr Pepper Snapple Group's salary

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The Dr. Pepper - Snapple Group tries its best to differentiate itself from other beverage groups in providing a driving experience that is built on a history of integrity while still being flexible enough to adapt to the changing face of the commercial driving industry. The Dr. Pepper- Snapple group boasts a career for drivers that will keep them assuredly busy – with drivers often making anywhere from 15 – 22 stops per day. Drivers help the Dr. Pepper-Snapple group build their brands, and in doing so are rewarded financially for helping the beverage company expand responsibly.
The soft drink group is ready to hire drivers to make all the necessary stops to deliver their products and offers an average salary of $34, 055 per year. Drivers with the Dr. Pepper- Snapple Group often get to make stops to unique locations outside of regular retailers – many times there are small outlets or places that do not primarily vend food or drinks that have Dr. Pepper-Snapple products. Schools, community parks and apartment complexes all benefit from the joy that delivery drivers with the soft drink group bring them. Drivers also receive a great deal of benefits through working with the Group, such as health plans and the unique benefit of adoption assistance.

Much like the line of drinks and food that the Dr. Pepper-Snapple Group has a culture to their company that consistently promotes diversity as well as inclusion. Workers, just like brands, are unique at Dr. Pepper-Snapple, and through celebrating diversity the D.P.S. Group has become accountable and transparent in their operations.