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What is a Dry Van Truck Driver?

Dry Van Truck Driving is the most simple, cut and dry truck driving job in the industry. It offers the most employment opportunities and depending on the company, freight and location, a Dry Van position still pays a pretty decent truck driver salary as well. Dry Vans aren’t actually vans, they are the most common type of tractor-trailer you see travelling on the nation’s roads and highways everyday. A Dry Van trailer is basically a big empty box that can be as little as 28 feet and as big as 53 feet in length and are licensed to transport any type of dry, non-liquid good that doesn’t require refrigeration or temperature control.

Because Dry Van Truck Driving is the most common job in the industry, it also offers the most flexibility and widest range of opportunities to suit your truck driver salary expectations and lifestyle needs. Dry Van jobs can be ideal for truck drivers who have families and prefer regional, dedicated and local runs with a regular schedule, or for those who like the idea of travelling across the country, there are plenty of long-distance, over the road dry van jobs as well. Typically, the longer the distance, the higher the truck driver salary. Another great advantage of working for a Dry Van company is that they usually offer a full range of positions, allowing you to switch between regional and OTR jobs depending on your needs at the time.

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Dry Van Truck Driver Requirements

Another benefit about Dry Van Truck Driving is that it has the least requirements, making it ideal for those starting out and looking to gain experience in the trucking industry. To qualify for a Dry Van Job, most companies simply require you to be at least 18 years of age and to obtain a CDL. The only stipulation is that most states limit drivers under the age of 21 to operate within their own state – which only means being limited to the sought after local routes that get you home every night. While some of the bigger trucking companies do require their drivers to be at least 23 years old and have a year of driving experience, there are many companies willing to train new drivers.

Dry Van Truck Driver Salary

Dry Van freight can be pretty much anything ranging from dry food items to office supplies to furniture to sulphuric acid. Therefore, the salary for a Dry Van Truck Driver ranges greatly and also depends on each company and in which state.  But generally, you can expect a Dry Van Truck Driver Salary in the USA to range anywhere from $29K to $55K annually. Because Dry Van Truck Drivers are currently in such high demand, many hiring companies also offer their drivers a full range of benefits, sign-on bonuses and other competitive incentives.

 Another reason many truck drivers prefer Dry Van Jobs is because they require the least amount of heavy lifting. While some companies do require a little bit of manual labor such as lifting boxes, generally a Dry Van Truck Driver isn’t the one loading and unloading the freight.