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Epes Transportation salary

Epes Transport is known to its current fleet as a place of great pay, but also a place where one's personal future can be constructed. With routes that promise drivers not will be dispatched to New York City or to any province in Canada as well as routes wherein drivers will see 24-hour support and driver managers assigned for every individual behind the wheel. Indeed, career advancement is a tangible goal at Epes Transport, with support that ensures drivers can move forward rather than simply spinning their wheels.
Epes Transport sees that drivers frequently make a yearly salary of $56,556 or more. Epes allows drivers to see a per diem rate, offering more ways to be paid, though all ways are assuredly beneficial to the driver. Drivers with Epes also see their own assigned equipment, giving them an extra feeling of ownership and stock in the company. With later model equipment, drivers also feel as though they can better accomplish the job and see growth at a more successful rate.

The company has also been a proud promoter of its driver recognition program, recognizing and rewarding its "Highway Angels," drivers who regularly practice kindness, courtesy, and courage they have shown on the job. Perhaps because there are so many drivers feeling fulfilled at Epes they feel the greater need to pay it forward, from something as simple as helping another trucker with a flat tire to occasionally saving another trucker's life. Epes is a shining example of people regularly and paying them well and the impact that those who are treated well can have on the general public.

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