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Based on the job’s overall consistency and level of required customer-driver interaction, FedEx Express may prove to be more challenging than other carriers. Nonetheless, for the prescribed salary and overall reputation that FedEx Express boasts, it is likely that many drivers will have a satisfying career driving with FedEx.
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Fedex Express salary

As far as carrier visibility and recognition is concerned, many would list FedEx Express as one of the top commercial transportation companies. FedEx Express has many branches and services from residential delivery to corporate customers and everything in between. FedEx is also highly notable as the top rival of UPS, and has found a great deal of success in positioning itself as a reliable and honest carrier.

FedEx Express pays an average annual salary of $45, 832 for its company drivers. Drivers with FedEx can expect to maintain fairly regular routes for service some customers in their homes, while primarily targeting businesses who utilize FedEx services. With the guarantee of Sundays off, drivers experience a great deal of familiarity with their work schedule and can more easily plan their personal lives.

What separates FedEx Express from other carriers, however, is the need for drivers to act both as couriers as well as FedEx customer representatives. FedEx requires their drivers to be able to field customer concerns and questions in addition to delivering the actual goods. For drivers, a position with FedEx is one that is somewhat extensive in terms of company knowledge and answering potential client questions.