Know your worth
First Fleet is noted in offering drivers $65,000 per year. Drivers earning this salary will not simply be driving, but also providing accurate and timely custom reports to its clients – a signature service of First Fleet. There are also many options for extra income for drivers on the job, including opportunities to earn for drivers who routinely demonstrate prowess for safety and diligence in their work. Drivers with First Fleet are likely to haul loads with late-model equipment that has proven to be more environmentally conscious. Those who are fuel efficient will also see economic incentives for their work.

Due to the fact that First Fleet works with many older and veteran drivers, First Fleet promotes a culture of respect and traditional values in trucking. First Fleet is a community venture in that respect is just as important the miles one has accomplished and the freight one pulls. While salary is well-commanded and drivers with First Fleet are highly prosperous, the level of conscious esteem towards others and superiors is truly part of the makeup of the job.

Though initially an East Coast institution at its inception, First Fleet has extended its reach into more of the country, in areas as far west as Utah and Arizona. In practice, First Fleet traditionally works with and rewards the more experienced driver, many younger drivers new to the industry are exploring new opportunities. First Fleet has adopted more mobile practices to keep current with the industry and to help even those considered driving stalwarts to keep in line with modern trucking and efficiency.
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First Fleet Trucking salary