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Flatbed Truck Driver Salary

While a flatbed truck driver salary depends a number of factors such as the level experience, type of load and location, it ranks as the highest paying truck driver salary in the USA. A regular truck driving position usually pays between .20 to .40 cents per mile, a flatbed truck driver earns between .35 to .55 cents per mile. Or, if you want to compare it by annual figures, a regular truck driver salary in the USA ranges between $30K and $45K and a flatbed truck driver salary pays an average of $60K and upwards. If money is your ultimate goal and you don’t mind the extra responsibilities, a flatbed truck driving career is the way to go.


What is Flatbed Truck Driving?

Just as trucks come in all shapes and sizes, there are many different types of truck driving jobs and flatbed truck driving is in its own league, offering one of the highest truck driver salaries in the USA.  Flatbed trucks are the go to solution for companies that need to transport goods that can’t be transported by traditional tractor-trailers because of the size, shape or weight of the freight. Typically flat beds allow the option for goods to be tied down and the freight is usually oversized, oddly shaped items ranging from lumber and pipe to airplanes and tanks. Considering the type of cargo involved with flatbed truck driving, its not surprising that many consider it the most difficult truck driving job in the industry. It’s also no surprise that it offers the highest paying truck driver salary in the USA.

large and often weigh up to 100 pounds, so you can imagine why this can be one of the biggest challenges of a one-man job.

Because of the size of the loads and the higher risks involved with flatbed truck driving, the Department of Transportation imposes the heaviest regulations. The bottom line is that if you want to earn the salary of a flatbed truck driver, you better be the type of person who doesn’t mind following rules because breaking any one of them may cost you your job.

  • Flatbed truck drivers usually hold CDL in Class A or B
  • Must be able to balance heavy loads in all driving conditions
  • Must be able to do heavy lifting
  • Must know tarp procedure and how to fasten straps to DOT standards
  • Must be extremely organized with required paperwork 

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Flatbed Truck Driver Requirements

Flatbed positions are ideal for those who already have some experience in the industry and are looking to increase their skills and salary. First and foremost, a flatbed truck driver must have the ability to balance a heavy load in all driving and weather conditions. Flatbed truck driving also requires more heavy lifting than other truck driving jobs, mostly because the driver is responsible for securing the freight and covering it with heavy tarp in certain weather conditions. This is no easy task. The tarps are extremely