Forward Air Freight has seen an incredibly wide portfolio of partners and freight in its 25 years of service. Touting an impressive figure of nearly $1 billion annually, Forward Air is one of the fastest-growing freight companies in the nation, having doubled its size over the past 5 years. Forward Air is on the lookout for drivers who share common goals with the company such as a growth-oriented mindset and a knack for solving the needs of clients that go above and beyond expectations.

Forward Air Freight salary

As a highly productive and successful company, Forward Air Freight rewards its drivers for their hard work with salaries near the $57, 939 mark. Forward Air provides a great deal of advancement for a driver's pay with initiatives such as fuel surcharge pay, Hazmat pay, and a differential scale of pay for loaded and unloaded miles. Teams and drivers see a bevy of opportunities with Forward, with both seats seemingly always seeing pay for their time in the truck. Forward Air is a company that regularly participates in safety sweepstakes, with drivers seeing the ability to win up to $5,000.

Drivers with Forward Air appreciate the weekly settlements seen from the company, and know that the health and wellness benefits provided by the company are not purely for financial gain, but are in place so that the company and drivers alike rest easy with the assurance that drivers are well taken care of and well-adjusted to the driving lifestyle.

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