Promoting over-the-road positions to transport their beloved and highly anticipated products, Frito-Lay can only make good on its slogan of "Good Fun" with the help of truck drivers who are ready to deliver said fun. Making stops at grocery stores, convenience stops, educational facilities and seemingly anywhere a bag of chips can be found, Frito-Lay works around to clock to ensure America's favorite snacks are on tap when desired. To many, driving for Frito-Lay is not just freight delivery, but rather delivery of something wholly fun and anticipated.

Frito Lay salary

Friot-Lay always delivers fun
For stocking nearly every conceivable shelf space with chips and the like, drivers with Frito-Lay will see an average salary in the range of nearly $47, 228. Frito-Lay, in particular has diversified its routes depending on the needs of the products delivered, with drivers making thoroughly local routes to true over-the-road designations. Much like other carriers who work with foods and store-bought goods, Frito-Lay drivers can expect to be tasked with assembling in-store structures, promotional setups and other Frito-Lay-related marketing materials to accompany the food products themselves.

As part of the greater Pepsi-Co family, drivers with Frito-Lay experience many of the same interpersonal benefits and fiscal benefits that drivers delivering beverages see. Frito-Lay has consistently seen a spot on many lists promoting the most ethical and responsible companies operating in the United States. Frito-Lay is also one of the industry leaders in employing women of all backgrounds, as is it one of GI Job's top Military Friendly Employers.

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