Know your worth
Signature blue Gordon Truck
Drivers with Gordon Trucking can expect an average annual salary of $51,621. Much like their parent company, Heartland, drivers with Gordon can expect a great deal of room for growth and opportunities that lead to enriching positions and advancements in one’s career. Gordon Trucking values the individual contributions of their drivers as well, honoring them with monthly achievement for safety and diligence on the road, as well as maintaining a blog with pieces on their valued and respected drivers.

Gordon Trucking is a distinct company in that it still retains an identity in the transportation world even though it is synonymous with Heartland in many ways. Though Heartland and Gordon have a positive and harmonious relationship, Gordon has placed a great deal of importance in letting its drivers know that it is still a viable resource and that its core values and structure have not been compromised, only enhanced by Heartland’s excellent presence.

With Gordon Trucking, humbled beginnings eventually led the company to fall under the ownership of the highly respected Heartland Express. Still, Gordon Trucking remains a well-rounded and positive name in the trucking community, with job opportunities that have proven to lead to personal success and the backing of a company that has a major toehold in the industry. Gordon Trucking has nonetheless remained a humbled source of earnest jobs for drivers across America who want to sign on with company that keeps traditional trucking values.

Gordon Trucking salary