Know your worth
The average annual income for drivers with Groendyke is $54, 374. The company proudly boasts its own fleet veterans, those who have had years of happy and successful service with Groendyke. With over 200 active employees who have served for at least 20 years, Groendyke is by no means short of satisfied employees. Groendyke maintains this low turnover rate by beginning satisfaction at the very beginning of an employee’s time with the company, through top-line training procedures and comprehensive support from their well-connected staff.

Groendyke also provides benefits by way of extra earnings for safe driving as well as full-time and part-time positions. Groendyke also offers opportunities for drivers who have retired, as a program of sorts that allows experienced drivers a re-entry program into the industry. Drivers will also see excellent equipment for use in the tanker, flatbed, and trailer divisions. Groendyke has a plethora of opportunities available for their drivers of all ages and experience levels in a community-type setting that invites drivers to find a home for as long as they like.

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Groendyke Transport salary

Groendyke Transport is a carrier that separates itself from other companies through a great deal of incentives, rewards, and recognition-oriented programs. Groendyke is a large supporter of allowing drivers to find their own prosperity and self-worth in the company, and provides room for growth to its drivers. With incentives for safe driving, U.S. veterans and continued customer service, Groendyke creates an environment where achievements are welcomed and rewarded.