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Hazmat Truck Driver Salary

Considering the extra responsibilities and requirements of this specialty position, it’s not surprising that Hazmat Drivers are in high demand and earn the highest truck driver salary in the industry. Depending on the level of experience, the type of endorsements, the type of materials and the state in which you are employed, the average annual salary for a Hazmat Driver ranges between $45K to $60K, and the more experienced drivers earn as much as $72K per year.

hazmat salary

endorsement is that you will be required to provide fingerprints, pass a criminal background check and complete a written test. Hazmat Truck Drivers must also meet certain physical qualifications pertaining to their vision and hearing.

Also, the US Bureau of Labor Statics recently reported that employment for hazardous material transportation jobs is expected to grow at a rate of 23% through 2020. This means that hiring companies will need to become even more competitive in recruiting strategies, offering higher salaries and a full range of employment benefits to truck drivers that are HAZMAT certified. 

Hazmat Truck Driver Requirements

Hazmat Truck Drivers must have a commercial driver's license with a special license endorsement, determined by the type of truck used for the job. For instance, the designation "H" is for the hazardous materials endorsement, "N" is for the tanker endorsement and "X" certifies both the hazardous materials and tanker endorsement. Also, the Department of Transportation requires all Hazmat Drivers to have additional training in proper loading and unloading, accompanying paperwork and accident management.
Another important criteria for obtaining the hazardous materials 

What is a Hazmat Truck Driver?

HAZMAT is the abbreviation for “hazardous materials”, which are classified as materials and products that pose a risk to health, safety or property when being transported. Hazardous materials can be anything from explosives, to various types of compressed gases, solids, flammable and combustible liquid, radioactive material and infectious material. Hazmat Drivers have different specified certifications and drive a wide variety of trucks, depending on the types of materials they are transporting. But because of the nature of job and the much higher level of responsibility it requires, Hazmat Truck Drivers earn among the highest truck driver salaries in the USA. 

Hazmat Driver jobs involve a lot more than just driving heavy trucks. This specialty class of truck driving must follow strictly enforced safety regulations when transporting hazardous items and ensure that materials are properly labeled and secured to prevent spillage during transport. Since there is also a lot of paperwork and permits involved with the transportation and handling of hazardous materials, a Hazmat Truck Driver should be prepared to follow the rules, know the regulations along their routes and have their paperwork extremely organized.