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A long-time provider of trademark "next-day" service, Holland has served the Southeastern United States and parts of Canada since the early 1930's. Founded in Michigan, Holland still retains the same humbled roots of the Heartland today as it years ago, now with the immeasurable assistance of state-of-the-art fleets and tools to help drivers succeed. Holland has received awards for logistical services for 31 consecutive years and is a leading name in the LTL-trucking business in North America.
Holland offers drivers an average annual salary of $54,826. With 100% company-paid healthcare and pay for many occasions (overtime, sick pay, vacation) Holland also offers a wide swath of benefits to their drivers. Holland promotes a flexible and positive work environment so that drivers may thrive and enjoy a work-life balance that fits them perfectly. With a focus in a specific part of the country, Holland is better able to focus their efforts on promoting their drivers and client relations than some carriers who are spread out across the nation.
     A part of YRC worldwide, Holland has its place on the mantle of large carriers in America while simultaneously tending to its own section of the nation. Holland is positioned in a way that it can still garner acclaim for its award-winning services while operating with a perspective of a global trader. In this sense, it has a very unique place in the realm of driving – providing traditional American values to its drivers and customers while being supported by a larger network of transportation experts.

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