Know your worth
J.B. Hunt is currently offering their drivers an average annual salary of $34,674. Life at J.B. Hunt promises drivers an environment in which they can be part of something bigger than themselves. The people who work for J.B. Hunt make the differences, with the positive interaction of individuals shaping the lives and livelihoods of people and clients alike. J.B. Hunt functions on the absolutely incredible performance of its employees working together, rather than functioning without unison.

Drivers with J.B. Hunt can take care of themselves and those who depend on them with great benefit packages across the board. J.B. hunt employs drivers from every background, culture and age group, ensuring that their valued employees run the gamut of a widely representative part of the trucking industry. Veterans from the U.S. Military are also welcomed to apply, with fantastic programs for our nation’s finest. Whatever your background, J.B. Hunt’s enormous network is likely to have the perfect position for you.

A perennial favorite within the industry, J.B. Hunt offers a variety of positions for drivers who want to work with a leading name on the roads. J.B. is considered one of the largest companies on our highways, and has maintained a position as “king of the road” for quite some time. There are opportunities across America with J.B. Hunt, allowing drivers to see our great nation while being compensated and treated well all the while.

J.B. Hunt salary

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