Know your worth

Kenan Advantage Group's salary

Liquid bulk has been Kenan Advantage's specialty in freight for over 50 years, earning the carrier a reputation that has proven its ability to deliver on scale as well as deliver in a timely manner. Requiring a great deal of safety to transport said liquid bulk, Kenan Advantage group is proud to have the distinction of government agencies such as the TSA ask the carrier to be among the first to participle in safety programs. Often truly setting the bar for these tasks, Kenan Advantage is often at the forefront of safety for Hazardous or tanker-related materials.
Due to the specialty of Kenan's freight and the expertise required to accurately move it, many drivers see annual salaries in the $72, 209 range. Drivers wishing to make this salary are needed to pass many requirements and vetting processes, including experience in hauling specified materials as well as an incredibly safe driving record paired with years of experience with the prescribed endorsements needed. In many ways, Kenan is not an environment conducive to beginners, rather, an environment in which verified professionals succeed.

Aside from a benefits package fit for many different lifestyles, Kenan promises professional and personal development programs and incentives to help drivers not only get by, but also to excel at their highly-specialized job. Careers with Kenan are built to last, dealing with an industry that continually requires top-notch drivers and fleets with proven histories.

Kenan Truck filled with liquid bulk