Know your worth
Knight Transport carries an image filled with history and sincere respect for its drivers and everything they do on the road. With a name like Knight, images of chivalry and integrity are conjured – and such images would be a correct analysis of Knight’s place within the trucking industry. Knight offers drivers an annual salary of $46,210 for their work along with the opportunity to work in a company that heavily promotes growth and evolving solutions to logistical issues. .
With Knight, driving associates have the opportunity to work in high-density freight lanes, allowing both the company and the driver the opportunity to have better relationships with their customer base. Additionally, drivers at Knight will see the benefits of pet and rider policies for many positions. Knight is one of the several trucking businesses providing an initiative to give drivers resources to combat isolation on the road.

Knight pride themselves on being staunch believers of internal promotion and for rewarding those in their company who demonstrate hard work. Knight consistently builds a stronger company by affording their employees opportunities to grow and remain within the company. For drivers interested in becoming someone who is more than an enlisted employee and can become a mentored professional, Knight Transport is the company to look into.

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