Coming a long way from shipping twine, chain and other related materials for one designated company, Koch Trucking has expanded its reach overseas as well as within the country. Now working with several companies in the U.S. as their designated shipper, Koch may still see itself hauling rope, but it certainly hauls much more. Currently, Koch Industries is comprised of 8 dedicated companies under the umbrella of one entity to prove strength and unity of shipping from its terminals in the south and Midwest.
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Koch Trucking salary

Know your worth
The company assures its drivers a minimum payout of $63,000 annually. Fuel incentives are paid out to drivers by Koch for all dispatched miles, ensuring that whenever a driver is rolling and simultaneously conserving, they will see the pay they are promised. Koch calculates the miles it pays through PC Miller. Detention pay for drivers is awarded, pending that drivers are delayed for over two hours at a location from the prescribed appointment time.

Many appreciate the transparency of figures, salaries and payouts provided by Koch, and note the competitive starting minimum salary for all drivers to see annually. Koch encourages drivers to keep up with any inquiries they may regarding their payment, benefits or additional pay per situation by allowing drivers to call the company hotline. Where some large carriers in the United States may be somewhat furtive regarding a driver's payment or simply how one might inquire about their finances, Koch feels quite the opposite. Questions are welcomed as are the activities and quality of work that warrant questions about pay for exemplary work.