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McLane salary

Specializing in transporting refrigerated, cooler, dry goods and freezer-required freight, McLane is regarded as one of the largest private fleets in North America in transporting multi-temperature products. Servicing supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants, McLane helps in fighting the good fight to end hunger in America in addition to bring the supplies one needs to keep a clean house as well as items that helps one enjoy a night on the town. With a just cause at the seat of its operations, McLane has become a leading provider of top salaries for drivers as well.
McLane Truck taking a break
McLane drivers delivering food and other goods to locations across America generally make $67,273 per year. Boasting fleets that are, on average, three years old and technology in handling loads by way of voice-to-text recognition and single-touch access for load menus. Of course, any use of helpful technology is greatly bolstered by a highly competitive salary for the job. McLane also notes that a third of the company drivers have been active for over 7 years, with teammate drivers often seeing nearly 20 years with the company.

Placing importance on practicing safety, McLane drivers are rewarded through programs that provide incentives for drivers who work injury-free and who drive without collisions. McLane has also shown an interest in preserving the environment, investing nearly $100 million in energy-conservation systems for its fleets. With a great deal of capital put away for these incentives, drivers are likely to benefit from healthy salaries as well as bonuses for driving with diligence.