Know your worth
Melton has diversified itself among the commercial driving industry as a flatbed-oriented fleet that is 100% air-ride, a service that enables Melton to delivery on-time and with consistency. A veritable titan of shipping, Melton has earned a reputation of having a record of 98% on-time pickup and deliveries. An open book in many ways, Melton is proud to display its awards and accolades provided by transportation industry resources and organizations concerned with overall trucking safety and integrity on the roads.
Melton reports that drivers make at least $60,000 per year, with drivers reporting figures that coincide closely with that salary. Melton's pay based on cents per mile ranges from $0.41 to $0.54, with students typically seeing the least pay and experienced Melton drivers finding the most per paycheck. Melton drivers will find additional pay for loads they take into Canada as well as any HazMat loads they handle. Melton provides its drivers with additional career paths including recruiters, safety managers, and maintenance operators as they gain experience in the company.

Being a company thoroughly invested in the well-being of its drivers, Melton oversees a somewhat extensive wellness program, with frequent opportunities for a driver to utilize gyms as well as gain access to personal trainers. Perhaps adopting health initiatives more quickly than other companies, Melton combines a unique package of preventative techniques to bolster a driver's health along with financial planning that allows them to be well. A mix of physical and fiscal wellness, Melton is truly a unique force on America's highways.

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