Know your worth
Drivers with Mesilla Valley Transportation frequently see salaries that coincide with a figure of $49, 719 per annum. Mesilla Valley often runs sign-on bonuses for drivers with hardy sums – sometimes ranging up to $7,500. With fuel incentive bonuses and many other contests that run until the end of each year that award the most efficient and skilled drivers, Mesilla valley gives drives opportunities to earn throughout the year. For drivers with the best end-of-the-year MPG rating, awards have been given up to $25,000 as the grand prize.

As Mesilla Transport has made a name in being the "most efficient" fleet in North America, its drivers frequently see OTR runs where drivers are out 6,000 and then home for 3 days. This work-life balance has allowed drivers to spend an appropriate amount of time at home and in cab, while still seeing an appropriate amount of miles to pad one's paycheck. Performance at Mesilla Valley is key – with the most profitable and successful drivers doing much more than simply skating by, rather, they help the company earn their particularly prestigious title of efficiency and fuel performance.

Mesilla Valley Transport salary

Named after the gorgeous part of the American Southwest wherein the company is found, Mesilla Valley Transportation has long been a transporter of refrigerated and perishable goods with headquarters out of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Today, Mesilla Valley has operations and terminals in Texas, Oregon and Tennessee, and in doing so has greatly expanded its team of company drivers.
Mesilla Valley Trcuks in the desert