Navajo Trucks on the mighty plains

Navajo Trucking salary

Much like the mighty Native American tribe the trucking company derives its name from, Navajo has been an uncompromising champion of the road for over 75 years. The Colorado-based carrier has served the lower 48 states with incredibly reliable service and specialty in reefer-based carriers as well as dry goods. New Kenworth models accompany drivers on the road for Navajo, with new drivers seeing a guarantee of later-model equipment
While Navajo has several different structures of pay that coincide with a driver's experience level, truckers with Navajo often report a figure close to $52, 456 per year. Navajo reports that a driver's cents per mile will depend on their situation and whether they truck solo or team, but new drivers joining the Navajo team have the chance to earn up to $0.43 per mile when beginning. Bonus programs for drivers who complete extra miles are in place, with OTR drivers seeing bonus pay when they hit 9,500 miles a month. With pay weekly on every Wednesday, Navajo drivers are assured to consistently see pay on a regular basis.

In addition to the weekly pay from Navajo, all OTR drivers see additional mileage pay for detention and layover time. Navajo also sees a referral based-program in effect for the company. Navajo operates with a company culture that thrives on word-of-mouth by way of drivers promoting Navajo to one another. Not only do drivers thrive fiscally when they turn a friend on colleague on to Navajo, the entire team earns another enthusiastic and goal-oriented member of the Navajo team.

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