Holding one of the best driver retention rates in the trucking industry, Nussbaum drivers are paid handsomely, with a salary of $62,107 per year. Nussbaum guarantees drivers a weekly minimum payout, though they express that a driver's average weekly wage will end up being much higher than the guaranteed minimum. Along with an extensive training period, drivers will find cutting-edge equipment and technology needed to succeed. Nussbaum guarantees drivers will see pay increases during the first 1-3 years with the company.

Nussbaum calculates payment through practical miles, ensuring that drivers receive more than when their miles are calculated through "short miles" common within the industry. Drivers also see pay for stop offs, unloading, per diem allowances and a premium for deliveries made on the coast, ensuring that a drivers never feels as though their hard work goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Through security, faith and a great payment structure, Nussbaum has made their company a highly desirable company to work for.

Nussbaum salary

Offering dedicated contract carriage as well as truckload services out of the Midwest and to the rest of the lower 48, Nussbaum has effectively created relationships with clients across the U.S. through incorporating honest practices and a mission state of faith that many others share. Nussbaum believes that those who they do business with are not solely business partners, rather, they are individuals who they plan on profoundly impacting in delivering them their desired services. Nussbaum hopes to make the world a better place through their business and in doing so, hopes to make the lives of their drivers better as well.
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