Paschall Truck Lines salary

Driving a fine line with Paschall
The employee-driven company offers salaries to its drivers/shareholders of $49, 909 per year. Drivers with Andrus see an earned ownership retirement program when signing on with the company as well. Andrus promises drivers the highest training pay within the industry, along with some of the top pay for company drivers. With equipment that is no older than 1.5 years, drivers will be able to have the tenacity and ability to tackle roads in the U.S. with ease and with reliable equipment that proves beneficial to the drivers.

In a time where ownership and driver identity are hot-button issues with the transportation industry, Andrus provides an alternative for drivers who want to feel as though they are truly part of an elite group of truckers. Truckers not only see great pay and attractive benefits through PTL, they see the ability to be part of something greater and how to successfully position a trucking company to work for the driver.

Know your worth
Paschall Truck Lines– often referred to in shorthand as PTL – is a 100% employee-owned dry-freight carrier. Due to total employee ownership of Paschall Truck Lines, the shipper ensures clients that they may count on shipments being made efficiently every day "110% of the time." With one of the highest levels of integrity of any trucking company, Andrus' total ownership allows for the ins and out of all business operations to run smoothly and without a corporate bias. Both employees and customers alike benefit from this model, making Paschall a leading truck line in the country.