Praxair Truck on a country road

Praxair salary

For highly specialized and conscientious work, drivers with Praxair will generally earn an annual salary of $55, 287. Praxair describes its company and work environment as one that heavily promotes safety and understanding of the protocols, and in that a large infrastructure system of safety is instated. In-depth training is provided to its drivers, to ensure maximum safety on the road as well as practices that protect the integrity of the product being handled.

     At Praxair, many drivers get to choose which division they would like to join, Tanker drivers or cylinder/hard goods drivers. Depending on the division chosen, drivers may see a slight difference in annual salary. Still, no matter the chosen division, Praxair drivers see a bevy of benefits and a manageable work-life balance. Additionally, considering that drivers with Praxair must have a valid Hazmat endorsement in order to be eligible for a job, they are likely to see more benefits and perks than other drivers due to specialized skills and proven knowledge.

Know your worth
As the population increases in the country, so does the need for solutions to energy and gas solutions. Praxair, one of the most notable and wide-scale providers of energy transport in the country has openings for drivers ready to transport materials with a great deal of confidence under the crucial guidance of clients who depend on them. Driving with Praxair is not simply a career in trucking, it's a pathway to providing a valued resource to many parts of the country.