Know your worth
With Prime, drivers can expect an average annual salary of $46, 319. Prime has made a considerable effort in the past few years to institute programs that ensure that company drivers and independent contractors can expect more earnings and can create a sustainable and long-lasting career. Prime also offers drivers various awards and incentives, such as “Driver Of The Month” and the “Millionaire Program,” rewarding drivers for service that is accident-free.

Overall, Prime is a company that has a proven track record through various eras of retooling itself and discovering what financial avenues work best for the company. Prime’s evolution is apparent and transparent to the public, and the company has been a large proponent of arming drivers with excellent equipment and keys to financial success. With technology and fiscal responsibility at the forefront of their operations, Prime is an ideal company for the driver who is ready to take on the industry through modern means and practices.

Purple Prime Truck
Staking the claim as North America’s most successful refrigerated, flatbed, tanker and intermodal carrier, Prime Inc. has seamlessly rolled with the changing face of the industry and adapted business practices that reflect a modern and cutting-edge position within the world of commercial driving. Driving trucks emblazoned with Primes’ conceptual-looking logo, truckers and civilians alike get the feeling that Prime, Inc. represents the new guard of trucking carriers – and they may be entirely correct in thinking so.

Prime salary