Know your worth
R+L is ready to get its truck on the open road
For R+L "family" members, an annual salary is generally seen at around the $53,899 mark. Drivers will see the industry standard benefits such as paid vacation, holidays and personal time off, but also see unique perks such as contests that give away cash rewards to employees and vacation packages added on to one's salary. In a non-traditional twist, R+L Carriers has company resorts for drivers and their families, allowing them to vacation on the company dollar and save their hard earned money for other matters that may come up in their lives.

Experienced drivers may see more room for growth at R+L than student drivers, with benefits and paid time off as anticipated for the position. With that in mind, those with part-time driving positions or who have logged less time on the roads will still see the benefits of working with a company such as R=L. A national carrier that is seemingly always on the lookout for new ways to give their drivers benefits and more comprehensive incentives for their prolonged duties.

R+L Carriers salary

Holding dear the company slogan, "Pride in Our People, Pride In Our Performance," R+L Carriers hopes to enculturate drivers who are ambitious and ready to tackle company-wide projects that succeed through the input of company members. Issues regarding R+L carriers are truly a family affair, with an open door policy and a close-knit community that is sure to welcome those ready get on the road.