Know your worth
With an astounding 95-plus years of service under its belt, Reddaway Trucking has been a staple of transportation on the West Coast and provider for the Greater Pacific Northwest. More than 3,000 employees have helped Reddaway earn and maintain their prestigious position for nearly a century. The company's 3,500 trucks have allowed for direct, regional delivery in the Western states as well as Alaskan and Hawaiian delivery on a consistent basis. With Reddaway, deliveries are made to order and drivers are made to last with the company's excellent internal programs.
Drivers with Reddaway's historic and prestigious fleets first and foremost encounter outstanding payment for their efforts, with annual salaries generally falling around the figure of $70, 527 per year. The company guarantees drivers payment for all work performed, ensuring that no time spent on the job goes unnoticed. Reddaway also understands the importance of incentivized programs, implementing these programs to compliment excellent pay that drivers receive on the job.

Promoting the slogan, "Get More Mileage Out of Your Career," Andrus has been such an effective industry leader because of its uncompromising position as the top nation leader in next-day deliveries. The long-standing company knows that its drivers will fulfill promises made to customers by treating them well and extending them the pay that matches their expertise. It goes without saying that a company doesn't reach nearly 100 years without a profound understanding of how to treat its employees – companies in the U.S. look to Reddaway to understand themselves.

Reddaway Trucking salary

Reddaway Trucking looking incredibly young for 95