Know your worth

Reefer Truck Drivers to learn the temperature control systems of current refrigerated truck models and be able to act quickly if the temperature goes above or below the acceptable range. If the temperature gets to high or too low, an entire load may be spoiled and no truck driver wants to be in the hot seat with their employer.

In addition to being temperature sensitive, refrigerated goods can also be time sensitive and Reefer Truck Drivers often have tighter time frames to reach their destinations. Also, refrigerated carriers are usually contracted for longer distances than other trucking companies, simply because much of the nation’s produce and food items comes from the west coast and must be delivered to states across the entire country. So if you’re interested in becoming a Reefer Truck Driver, be in it for the long hauls and don’t expect the regular home time you might get driving the daily, regional routes.

What is a Reefer Truck Driver?

The term “reefer” may be more commonly known as a marijuana joint, but clearly it’s not the case here. In the trucking industry, a “Reefer Truck” is the shortened name for a truck that has a refrigerated unit either built into its frame or attached as a trailer. Reefer trucks come in all different sizes, ranging from basic ice cream trucks to large containers able to accommodate all type of perishable goods from produce and other food items to medical supplies and plasma to computers and all types of electronics, and many other types of products as well.

To stay competitive, most refrigerated trucking companies are equipped to transport both temperature sensitive freight and dry freight, but the higher paying work is usually with the temperature sensitive goods. Reefer Trucks are not only valuable to the companies with expensive, perishable goods but also to the entire US economy in general. Therefore, Reefer Drivers are always in demand earning the best truck driver salaries in the USA. 

Reefer Truck Driver Requirements

Because the transport of temperature sensitive goods demands more care than dry goods, a Reefer Truck Driver takes on more responsibility and more job duties than the average truck driver. But for those who want to up their skills and earn a higher truck driver salary, becoming a Reefer Truck Driver is a good way to take your career to the next level. Because refrigerated trucks can either be a straight truck or a tractor-trailer model, Reefer Truck Drivers should obtain both a specialty Class A or Class B CDL.  It is also extremely important for 

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Reefer Truck Driver Salary

The pay range for Reefer Truck Driving can depend a lot on where you live but generally it’s among the highest paying truck driver salary in the USA. Because Reefer Truck Drivers are usually required to drive longer OTR routes and take on the added responsibilities of hauling expensive, temperature sensitive goods, you can expect to earn an annual salary ranging anywhere from $38K to $60K. Another thing to keep in mind is that refrigerated carriers are usually the bigger, more established companies, and offer their truck drivers a full range of benefits and employment incentives.