Specializing in over-the-road routes and solutions to long-distance logistics, Roehl Transport has a reputation as one of the leading carriers in long hauls for various types of freight. Throughout the driving industry, Roehl has been known as the somewhat experienced option for drivers who are independent contractors and looking for company routes, with the long hauls available to conditioned and vetted drivers. In many ways that distinction is correct – though Roehl also has tremendous programs for beginning drivers and those seeking their CDL. Roehl is an excellent platform for drivers who want a true and profound trucking experience, as well as a home for those looking for a career that will benefit and respect them.

Roehl Transport salary

Drivers with Roehl will see an average annual salary of $38,306. Roehl does its best to provide plenty of options for drivers, which leads to plenty of jobs for drivers. Attached to Roehl’s options are their values, a large value being respect for their teammates. Roehl promises their teammates (drivers) a strong support system when on the road as well passenger and pet policies so drivers are never on the road alone.

As a company, Roehl heavily emphasizes the importance of conditioning a driver for life on the road and rewarding them for such a career. There is a level of importance in tradition with Roehl, but drivers from all backgrounds and cultures will undoubtedly find a great home with Roehl Transport and see the benefits they proudly offer.

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