Know your worth
With Schneider, a hustling, safe and courteous driver can earn an average annual salary of $48,063. Drivers will find Schneider’s ever-present pursuit of safety, encouraging drivers to act with diligence on the road, as well as giving their drivers the techniques and practices to help them do so. Schneider promotes diversity in thoughts, cultures and backgrounds as well, ensuring that the Schneider culture is one that fosters diversity and promotes the respect of tolerance of all employees.

Schneider drivers will also see benefits of the mature driver program, ensuring that drivers of a certain age are respected for their experience and rewarded for their contributions just as any other driver would be. With Schneider, there is no prerequisite or threshold for who can qualify for greatness, so long as the greatness is achieved and shown in every aspect of the job on the road.

Schneider Orange Truck
Safe, courteous, hustling – these are all words that describe those who drive for Schneider and work as associates with one of America’s largest commercial trucking companies. At Schneider, drivers are those who excite their customers with reliable, honest and supremely dedicated work that is unparalleled within the trucking community. Schneider is driven – both literally and figuratively to make deliveries that enhance the goods of the lives of those who they come in contact with.

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