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Shaffer tRUCKING salary

Among the most revered refrigerated carries in North America, Shaffer sees over 2,800 refrigerated lines making hauls across the country. Initially hauling the rare and special freight of chocolate in the 1930's, today Shaffer can accommodate nearly any load wherever its temperature-controlled needs fall on the refrigerated spectrum. Shaffer has been part of the Crete Carriers Corporation since 1974, securing a network that provides proven results as well as a large network of partners who can attest to the corporation's proven effectiveness.
Notably issuing drivers pay for practical miles rather than mile's based on the mover's guide, Shaffer refrigerated truckers often will find an annual salary of $68, 064 per year. Starting pay for the Shaffer fleet ranges from $0.49 - $0.52 per mile, with the top 25% of the fleet generally seeing more than the average reported salary figure. Shaffer guarantees drivers pay for detention and assures drivers that growth is inevitable, with a reported 4.4.% increase in paid miles over the past year.

Shaffer drivers have piece on mind on the road knowing that they are working with a company that is privately owned and incredibly transparent about finding themselves debt-free. Unlike some other carriers in the United States, Shaffer has proven reliability in delivering promises to its drivers. With a career in refrigerated driving, Shaffer not only promises the possibility of individual growth but the ability to grow as part of a team and advance with a company that is constantly outperforming its own outstanding achievements.

Drivers feel value at Shaffer