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With the CDL learner’s permit, students must complete a certain amount of driving hours with a CDL instructor. Most training schools initially certify Student Drivers with a class A CDL, which qualifies you to operate tractor-trailer vehicles weighing over 26,000 pounds. There are also many additional classes of CDL endorsements that will allow you to operate special types of vehicles and earn the highest truck driver salaries in the USA.
In most states, the minimum age for an intrastate CDL is 18 years old and to operate inter-state (across state lines) the minimum age is 21 years old.
However, recently a bill has been introduced to lower the age requirements and allow states to collaborate on their own agreed upon minimum age for interstate CDL holders.

What is a Student Truck Driver?

One of the best things about choosing the high demand field of truck driving, is that it is one of the only professions that you count on getting a job - even without any experience. In fact, industry recruiting has become so competitive that many trucking companies offer on the job training in well-paid entry-level positions. A first year Student Truck Driver salary is often a lot higher than most other entry-level positions in the entire US job market.

Basically, trucking companies offer two types of Student Driver programs. Some will hire new CDL holders right out of trucking school and offer tuition reimbursement programs. Other companies operate their own training schools and will enroll non-CDL holders into their student driving programs for much lower up-front costs than private schools and community colleges. Another major benefit with these trucking company training schools is that they are much faster and allow you to become a CDL certified Student Truck Driver in as little as 2-4 weeks. Of course there are certain conditions that go along with these perks, but all that usually means is that Student Drivers agree to drive for the carrier for at least a year. Certainly there is one major advantage to that - which is being guaranteed employment with an established trucking company that has a vested interest in your career. 

Student Truck Driver Requirements

First and foremost, anyone who wants to become qualified for any type of commercial truck driving job in any state in the USA - must obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Whether you enroll in a trucking company program, a private school, or a community college, CDL courses provide the specialized instructional skills and knowledge training required to pass the series of tests to obtain a CDL permit. 

Student Truck Driver Salary

Student Truck Driver salaries can vary with each company, the terms of your training program, the type of truck driving you are doing and the state in which you are hired in. However, the average annual salary for Student Truck Drivers in the USA ranges from $22K to $40K. Also keep in mind that the bigger, more established trucking companies offer Student Truck Drivers the most competitive benefit packages, the best opportunities for additional certification training and many other incentives to bring you on board.