Know your worth
Super Service is a trucking company that believes in keeping drivers rolling with freight that may prove more challenging than the average company. In taking on time-sensitive materials and satisfying a customer base that may require specialized loads, Super Service has earned a reputation that truly reflects its name. A wide array of regional and dedicated lanes has attracted many drivers to Super Service and the company's operations have kept the same drivers there.

Super Service salary

Many drivers with Super Service see an annual salary of $44, 194 for a solo journey on the road. However, Super Service has diversified its pay structure to benefit drivers of all types and experience levels, with new drivers seeing a guaranteed 60 days of pay for all over the road truckers. Teams with Super Service will make up to $0.48 cents per mile, with solo drivers seeing a clean $0.45. Super Service offers an additional $0.01 cents for mile for HazMat drivers and an incredible bonus of $0.03 for a quarterly performance bonus pay.

Super Service has certainly stacked its pay structure to entice drivers of all types, with pay for nearly every occasion. Super Service allows a driver to thrive outside of their otherwise prescribed salary and pad their paycheck for nearly every settlement. Super Service welcomes dedicated drivers and owner operators alike to team with them, providing benefits that truly help both independent drivers and company truckers per their preferred situation.

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