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Swift Transportation salary

As far as legacies in the trucking industry are concerned, Swift Transportation has perhaps one of the most prolific and well-known names on the road. A titan within commercial transportation, Swift is known by nearly every driver regardless of background, area, or experience. Dealing with full-truckload deliveries across the United States and into Mexico and Canada, Swift is a true North American trucking company.
Swift’s reputation as a well-known carrier may precede themselves, as drivers will find a comfortable average annual salary of $41,273 for their driving skills. Drivers working with Swift will also find themselves immersed in a culture of high ethical standards and business conduct that reflects the companies’ values of trust, reliability, and respect. Because Swift is such a well-established name, the company expects the highest level of diligence from those operating behind the wheel.

With Swift, drivers will receive reliability in their jobs from a well-established and well-received carrier. Swift informs its employees that they are more than just drivers – they are respected agents who aid commerce throughout the country and beyond. With unique training and mentoring programs that help drivers feel success in whatever route they decide to take, Swift is the premier company for experienced drivers, students and those looking to expand their horizons on the road.

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