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Tanker Truck Driver Requirements

Handling heavy Tanker Trucks and transporting dangerous liquid cargo is a whole other ball game compared to your basic Dry Van hauling. In addition to obtaining a standard CDL, you must also pass the Tank Vehicle Examination before you can get a specialized Tanker CDL. Tanker Drivers also need a lot of on the road training in handling liquid cargo safely. Many companies will offer this training by teaming up veteran Tanker Drivers with newer drivers who have some previous experience driving other types of trucks. In addition to the specialized training, Tanker Truck Drivers have extra responsibilities that include monitoring 

having more freedom to pick and choose preferred jobs and average annual 

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and cleaning any road spills, truck and equipment maintenance, maintaining strict industry standards and ensuring safety procedures are followed at delivery sites.

earnings that range anywhere from $60K and up into the six figure salaries. Of course you must also consider that independent owner operators must always incur the full costs of operating their own trucks, but either way driving a Tanker Truck is a good way to go.

What is a Tanker Truck Driver?

Driving a Tanker Truck requires a little more skill and a lot more experience than regular truck driving jobs, but it’s a sure way to earn the highest truck driver salary in the industry. Not only are Tanker Trucks heavier and more powerful than regular tractor-trailers, they are built for transporting the more dangerous liquid and semi-liquid types of cargo. Although sometimes it’s simply liquid food items, most often a Tanker Truck Driver must be trained and prepared to carry fuel or other dangerous products that are flammable, corrosive, poisonous or even explosive.

Because Tanker Trucks are really the only method for transporting these high-risk goods that are also essential to the US economy, qualified Tanker Truck Drivers are always in high demand. Not only do they earn the highest truck driver salaries in the USA, tanker carrier companies deliver all types of cargo, which means drivers can choose from a wider range of routes to suit their lifestyle and personal needs. Whether its local fuel deliveries that allow you to get home every night or higher paying long hauls into Canada or Mexico, experienced Tanker Truck Drivers can pretty much pick and choose the jobs they want.

Tanker Truck Driver Salary

A Tanker Truck Driver will always be in higher demand for the specialized knowledge and skills the position requires. Depending on the level of experience, the type of cargo, the length of the route and in which state, Tanker Driver salaries range from $40K to $66K per year and even upwards. Typically, a Tanker Truck Driver employed by a company earns an average of $40K to $50K a year as well as the additional benefits, incentives and retirement plans typically offered to fulltime company employees. There are also advantages to being an independent Tanker Truck Driver; such as