Know your worth
A reputation for damage-free delivery that is always on time has been the focus Total Transportation & Distribution since 1989. A veritable Southern California trucking institution, Total navigates one of the largest and most comprehensive freeway networks in America to ensure that its customers receive one thing above all else – complete service. Truckers in Southern California know Total as a respected and trusted name on the roads and are eager to join a team that values one's skills as an individual in addition to skills as well as one's skills as part of a whole.
Drivers with Total in Southern California will truly see the difference in salary from other companies, earning nearly $37.22 per hour on the job. Keeping in mind that the roadways from San Diego to Santa Barbara are perhaps not the most forgiving avenues to tread upon, drivers who can consistently keep up with Total's quality of driving will see top pay within the industry. At Total Transportation, hard work gets handsomely rewarded and drivers will feel as though they are transportation experts.

Many company partners prefer Total as the answer to their transportation needs because they can rely on a company that focuses on a specific and crucial part of one of the largest shipping hubs in the country. Moreover, drivers with Total know that their pay comes with a predictable and regular schedule, allowing for a work-life balance that is truly balanced and comes with the excellent compensation that one might expect from a leading Southern California logistics company.

Total Transportation  salary

A proud operator with his total west truck