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Consistently named of the Top 100 Trucking Companies in the U.S. for its size, number of drivers and use of on-board electronics, Trimac Transport has seen over 70 years of experience and has demonstrated the ability to adapt to modern era of trucking. Nonetheless, Trimac remains a leading name in bulk transportation in the States, seeing over 100 branches of operations throughout North America.
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Trimac Transport salary

Trimac Transport has the distinct benefit of offering its employees an incredibly salary, with company drivers seeing salaries at $68, 827 per year. Trimac has consistently proven to hold a reputation as one of the top-paying transportation companies, undoubtedly due to its specialty and integrity in in bulk cargo transportation. Many drivers starting out with Trimac see an hourly rate of nearly $25/hour, with several opportunities for overtime pay depending on one's location and route. Drivers with Trimac also see an extensive network of opportunities for employee assistance, with programs to help a driver deal with their mental well-being as well as their financial well-being.

Trimac is one of the most well-connected transportation companies in the U.S. with countless affiliations and partnerships in shipping and with other outside networks. With freight typically falling into the categories of chemicals, petroleum, industrial gases and oilfield services, there are countless opportunities for drivers, many of which fall into incredibly important and often lucrative markets. With Trimac, drivers will see no short end of routes that truly help the country run well.