FedEx Truck On Road
Know your worth


Those driving tractor-trailers for UPS can also expect a positive experience in regards to their expected salary. UPS reports that their average annual salary is $63,668. Coming in at the higher end of the pay range for drivers, UPS pays well for incredibly accurate and timely delivery to customers that may be somewhat demanding. Unlike drivers who deliver to residential customers, UPS Freight drivers are often dealing with much more sensitive cargo, and are expected to be able to physically handle the goods they are carrying. A prime candidate for UPS is a physically active and fit driver who can handle sometimes demanding loads.

In exchange for excellent pay is also the need for drivers to work extended and irregular hours, including weekends, evenings and some holidays. UPS expects their drivers to be flexible with their schedules and to provide hard work for above-average pay. For the ambitious driver looking to have a lucrative career, UPS Freight may be the career path for you.

Recognizable by the brown and gold packaging and logos, UPS Freight has made an indelible mark on the transportation industry. A major provider of residential and commercial supplies in the country, UPS has a special relationship with the public through years of continued professionalism and service that generally delights customers with their expedited services. For many, a visit from UPS stands for something positive – a fun or essential delivery from well-known carrier.