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Walmart salary

For home needs, business needs, or everyday items that you can’t live without, Walmart is has been the one-stop shop for your needs for decades. Staffed by knowledgeable, hard-working and motivated drivers, Walmart’s trucking division travels over 700 million miles every year. Boasting an incredibly low turnover rate due to tried and true driver retention practices, many drivers claim to leave their positions with Walmart solely for retirement. A name known far and wide across the nation, Walmart has one of the largest private fleets in the country.
Driving for Walmart will see that a driver earns an annual average salary of $75,984. Pairing with the Walton Family can allow for a lucrative and successful career on the road, and is one that allows a driver proper home time and reset times. A family organization itself, Walmart realizes the concerted efforts that their drivers make in order to get the job done. That in mind, appropriate home time is given, and drivers feel support from Walmart in establishing a healthy work-life balance.

OTR Drivers with Walmart are considering to be among the safest on the road, allowing Walmart to keep its everyday low prices. To achieve the maximum level of safety, drivers with Walmart find streamlined operations and excellent equipment to help them get the job done. Walmart believes there’s a reason that their business continues to grow and their practices see success – through claiming a leadership position in the industry and sticking to what works.

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